The shit you wanna know

Good day! Welcome to my website!


Q: How do I book with you?

A: There are a few little steps that are as follows:

  1. Read ALL the info on this page
  2. Add to your email contacts (I sometimes get sorted as spam, which is the story of my life)
  3. Fill out this form
  4. I’ll email you with a calendar that you select a slot from. After that, you’re booked in!
  5. Around appointment time, I’ll send you a sketch for approval. You can give me feedback and I can make small alterations. I can’t change too too much, which is why it’s important for you to fill in the form from step 2 really carefully. The sketch might be sent to you the night before our appointment. If there’s shading involved, I might not send a sketch at all because digital shading looks awful.
  6. You come and get your tattoo!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: 1200sek/hour, 1 hour minimum charge. My tattoos never cost less than 1200sek and rarely more than 3500sek. This includes rent, supplies, and tax, which is about 65% of what you give me. This also includes the time I spend drawing and communicating. Keep in mind that a tattoo is an investment that lasts for a long long time. If you’re willing to buy a pair of shoes that will last you a few months for 1200sek, then you should be willing to pay for a decent tattoo that will last you til you be dead. I know it can be a lot of money for some people, but I really can’t afford to charge less unfortunately. Sorry!

Q: How long does it take?

A: Absolutely impossible to say for sure. I can give estimates but everyone’s skin is different and it depends on size and placement etc. ALSO I normally quote how long the actual tattoo will take. Please add about 30-45 minutes for setting up, cleaning your skin, etc. Ie, don’t expect to be in and out like clockwork. I hate being stressed for time!

Q: Can you do this tattoo on me ridiculously small and really detailed?

A: No. You can suggest a general size but I have to make sure the tattoo will age well so I reserve the right to choose the right size for the design. I don’t do micro-tattoos (there are people who specialise in that).

Q: You did this tattoo on someone. Can you do it on me too?

A: Probably not. I generally only do tattoos once. Some of them I do again and again, but very few. Otherwise my job gets boring af and it’s mean to those who already have the design.

Q: Do you speak Swedish?

A: I understand that gobledygook but I won’t speak it because I’m shy and a coward.<<

Other FAQs

Q: Can I use your design and get someone else to tattoo them on me?

A: No. This is my work, and I need to make money off it. I also design a lot of stuff specifically for each customer, and it’s not fair to them. I do simple line drawings anyway- I’m sure you can just do your own or get someone near you to draw something unique. It’s more fun and then I won’t have a fit!

Q: Are you going to visit ______ soon?

A: I always announce if I’m going to travel somewhere! If you follow me, you’ll know, I promise, cause I won’t shut up about it!

Q: What needles do you use?

A: It always depends on what I’m working on. You wouldn’t use a fat sharpie to draw a delicate flower. You get the point… I can’t really offer advice on hand poking because I’m self-taught and I don’t feel comfortable sharing something that’s so personal/might be wrong. My whole leg is covered in absolute garbage that I tattooed on myself… That’s how I learned. You have to do the same. Besides, you can’t really explain how to do it in words.

Admin Garbage Help

Thank you so very much for kindly offering your help with this. It humbles me that you were willing to offer up your time-something that’s in short supply for all of us- to help me with my computer problems. Yes, I do feel like your grandma.

Right now, this is what my system looks like:

I have a google form that collects information from clients. You can look at it here. It collects basic info, tattoo details, and general availability. This produces a general spreadsheet that I then sift through at the end of every month to book appointments for the following month. The general spreadsheet does not include any reference pictures so I get these in separate emails.

I make a separate spreadsheet with my available dates for the coming month and fill in the slots with names extracted from the general form respondents. After this, I send each one of these people a standard email that’s slightly altered with the date and the amount of time the tattoo will take. I do this manually and copy paste the emails addresses from the spreadsheet into gmail, and then copy paste the standard text in.

Then I wait for them to answer. If they confirm, I colour their row green. Otherwise I go back, delete their name, and try filling the spot with another name from the general spreadsheet.

Following this, I manually fill in my calendar with the slots. And then we bounce a few ideas back and forth via email once I’ve sketched something for them.

It’s not that bad for one person, but when you’ve gotta do over 40 per month, it’s kinda tedious…

So, what do you think I can do to streamline this?

Ideally (yes, I know this probably can’t happen) someone would fill in the form, and their info would show up in some kinda calendar and then I would check their names to select them for the spot. Then the system would send out an automated email that notifies them of their allotted time… Then if they confirm, it would turn that box green automatically in the calendar (or something). I actually don’t know… I’m just tired of the way I’m doing it and it takes ages… I know maybe this a bit unspecific, but maybe one of you has an easy solution that would cut my admin time down. When I’ve gotta book appointments, pay bills, sketch, do social media, and tattoo, it can be really time consuming…

Any ideas are welcome at (yes, I’ll answer personally, it won’t be a douchy robot). If you’ve got a real solution that takes programming time (and that isn’t just an app suggestion, although that’s also so very welcome if it exists), then I can compensate you in tattoo time for an equivalent value.

Thanks so very much!!!!!!! You’re a champ!