Admin Garbage Help

Thank you so very much for kindly offering your help with this. It humbles me that you were willing to offer up your time-something that’s in short supply for all of us- to help me with my computer problems. Yes, I do feel like your grandma.

Right now, this is what my system looks like:

I have a google form that collects information from clients. You can look at it here. It collects basic info, tattoo details, and general availability. This produces a general spreadsheet that I then sift through at the end of every month to book appointments for the following month. The general spreadsheet does not include any reference pictures so I get these in separate emails.

I make a separate spreadsheet with my available dates for the coming month and fill in the slots with names extracted from the general form respondents. After this, I send each one of these people a standard email that’s slightly altered with the date and the amount of time the tattoo will take. I do this manually and copy paste the emails addresses from the spreadsheet into gmail, and then copy paste the standard text in.

Then I wait for them to answer. If they confirm, I colour their row green. Otherwise I go back, delete their name, and try filling the spot with another name from the general spreadsheet.

Following this, I manually fill in my calendar with the slots. And then we bounce a few ideas back and forth via email once I’ve sketched something for them.

It’s not that bad for one person, but when you’ve gotta do over 40 per month, it’s kinda tedious…

So, what do you think I can do to streamline this?

Ideally (yes, I know this probably can’t happen) someone would fill in the form, and their info would show up in some kinda calendar and then I would check their names to select them for the spot. Then the system would send out an automated email that notifies them of their allotted time… Then if they confirm, it would turn that box green automatically in the calendar (or something). I actually don’t know… I’m just tired of the way I’m doing it and it takes ages… I know maybe this a bit unspecific, but maybe one of you has an easy solution that would cut my admin time down. When I’ve gotta book appointments, pay bills, sketch, do social media, and tattoo, it can be really time consuming…

Any ideas are welcome at (yes, I’ll answer personally, it won’t be a douchy robot). If you’ve got a real solution that takes programming time (and that isn’t just an app suggestion, although that’s also so very welcome if it exists), then I can compensate you in tattoo time for an equivalent value.

Thanks so very much!!!!!!! You’re a champ!

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